The electronic sick leave

The integration project was implemented within a tight deadline of only 9 months


The application is the cornerstone of a large-scale integration solution for processing electronic sick notes. Around 3,000 clerks work with the application within the Czech Social Security Administration (abbreviation CSSA) on a daily basis. In only the first month after the transition to e-Sick Leave, the Czech Social Security Administration received approximately 250,000 decisions on temporary incapacity for work, out of which the paper submissions accounted for only about 3-4%. The proportion of paper documents is continuously decreasing.


KOMIX supplies the CSSA with the NEM application, which ensures the processing of various types of benefits (e.g. Temporary incapacity for work, Maternity benefit, Paternity benefit and various types of Attendance allowance). The role of KOMIX was to ensure complete processing of the received electronic sick notes and related documents and to make the work of users/clerks as easy as possible when working with Sickness benefits. The calculation of benefits is an integral part of the processing.


Previously, sick notes and other related documents were received in paper form and then manually entered into the NEM system by clerks Now, sick notes are almost mainly received electronically and are entered into the system without the need for human intervention. This enabled a number of subsequent operations to be significantly automated.


The new functionality in the NEM application provided a transition from the existing manual entry of incoming paper documents to the receiving of electronic documents.


Thanks to the acceptance of eSick leave, there is a significantly higher level of automated processing, not only in the acceptance of eSick leave, case filing, but also in the regular automatic calculation of benefits in the case of long-term sick benefits.


The solution, within the infrastructure of the CSSA, is connected to systems that provide their own communication with the CSSA environment, i.e. they provide communication with medical SW, employer SW and via the CSSA ePortal. The results of the NEM application processing are thus distributed to tens of thousands of connected external third-party software through these communication interfaces within the CSSA infrastructure.


At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CSSA enabled doctors to send not only sick notes but also quarantine documents through this electronic channel, thus enabling doctors to issue these documents without the need for doctor-patient contact and patient-employer contact. Thus, electronification has helped to reduce the mobility of people and the potential risks of infection.


From 1 January 2020, the communication of sickness benefits cases is mainly electronic (paper is only allowed in exceptional cases). A very large integration project was implemented within 9 months.

The e-Sick leave project is perceived as very successful and has not only earned praise from the the Committee on Social Policy of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, but has also won the prestigious IT Project of the Year 2020 award, winning the 18th edition of this competition out of a total of 22 submitted projects judged by an expert jury.