Find the Mystery Cache and get the MAAPPPI.

If you're looking for the Adventure Lab, you'll find it inside (across the terrace) on the screens.

Find out below about the contest we plan to run on Monday the 16th. 5. 2022.

How will it work?

We have prepared for you our unusual mystery, which will give a few lucky winners a map from MAAAPI.

Every day from 16. 5. 2022 till 31. 5. 2022, our mystery cache will lead you to a unique code. All you have to do is fill in the code in ourKOMIXboxand you will be automatically registered for that day’s competition round. We will be announcing the winning order for each day throughout the competition. So it is not the fastest who wins, but the one who arrived at the right place at the right time. Find out more about the MAAPPI project here.

How do you find a Mystery Cache?

Find the number Kfrom the figure. Put it into formulas and calculate the coordinates:
• N 50° 04 . (6 * K + 54)
• E 014° 24 . (2 * K – 20)
The numerical sum of all coordinate digits is 33.

    Hint: oynpxobk an zntarg

Come on time

Today (May 16, 2022) the tenth correctly entered code into KOMIXbox wins.

Enter code

You can access our KOMIXbox via this link.

Look at the conditions

You can read the full terms and conditions of the competition here.