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How was the year 2021 in KOMIX, what did we experience together with you and what successes did we achieve thanks to you?

We belong to Aricoma Group

In spring we became a part of the largest Czech ICT holding Aricoma Group. This big step will allow us to fulfill our dreams and set out on a new path to build an ICT leader of European importance. We can also approach new clients in the Czech Republic and abroad and offer them a much broader portfolio of services.

Annual healthcare billing

For the Military Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic, we carry out a very demanding annual health care billing calculation, so called settlement and regulations, for the outpatient care segments.

E-sick leave

Once again, the Covid pandemic was affecting all areas of life, including our work. We have repeatedly dealt with changes to nursing benefits due to school closures. The integration project for the processing of electronic sick leave (E-sick leave), launched last year, has proved its relevance and meaning. As a result, this year it was named IT Project of the Year and won an award called the ‘Český zavináč’.

Insurance companies and covid-19

Health insurers had to react flexibly to the covid-19 epidemic and the related decisions of the Ministry of Health and relevant legislative changes. So, in addition to routine support and maintenance, we implemented a number of development modifications for them. We also ensured the continuous reimbursement of the covid tests and vaccinations or implemented the usual billing changes according to both the classic reimbursement and the (coronavirus) compensation regulation. Another important project was the implementation of the Evidence and Processing of Self-employed persons in the flat tax.

Swiss achievements

In 2021, our office in Switzerland started cooperation with Reist Telecom, a major company in the field of certified security. Its main partners include Swiss Airline, Edelweiss Air, the insurance company la Mobilière and the duty free chain Dufry. We are very pleased Reist Telecom has chosen KOMIX as its first external strategic supplier.

Digitalisation of technical parameters for ŠKODA AUTO

We facilitated the work of the technical development department and other cooperating departments of the largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Thanks to us, their employees no longer have to extract data from excel. They can do this with a user-friendly application that allows them to enter data and approve development parameters. In addition, it can also compare car models and export the results to pdf and xls format. The application therefore saves time for all parties involved and makes it easy to digitise the network of importers and dealers.

New ŠKODA Connect function within the MyŠKODA app

We enjoy being involved in projects with added value not only for our client but also for their customers. One of these was the new ŠKODA Connect service in 2021, which enables parcels and purchases to be delivered directly to the boot of a ŠKODA AUTO vehicle via remote unlocking. This innovative procedure eliminates situations where the customer and courier miss each other, which is a time-saving and more practical solution on both sides.

Data Warehouse for Military Forests

For our client Military Forests and Estates of the Czech Republic, we created a methodology for creating data warehouses and helped with their implementation for a large number of areas. The project continues in the following year, when we will provide the technical support.

We have new websites

After many months of intensive work we launched a new website in the second half of the year. We reflected our new visual identity, improved the information architecture and adapted it to the needs of the site users.

BabyOffice keeps going

In 2021, we continued with the preparation of a regular programme for the children of our employees called BabyOffice. Apart from exercises, competitions and creative activities, our little ones (but also those a little older) enjoyed the Children’s Day celebrations and especially the two-week summer camp, which took place in the second half of August and received an enthusiastic response from both children and parents.

We are not resting on our laurels

Technological expertise, development and improvement of knowledge and skills are key for us. As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we achieve the highest possible level of partnership in the certified areas of Application Development and Application Integration. We are very pleased to have met demanding technological and development requirements and thereby confirmed our expertise for the following year as well.



Nikola Wimmerová

Nikola Wimmerová