We bring a new concept of IT - more human, more friendly yet highly professional.

Almost 30 years of experience speaks for us, when we have been inventing, developing and implementing modern solutions at a high technical and technological level.

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KOMIX creates teams that are as efficient as possible.
We always build them according to the specific needs of our clients, with understanding of the business in which the client operates. We work in an agile, flexible and interactive way.
We do whatever it takes to make sure the result is the best it can be, both  at any given moment and  at the end as well.



We develop tools , that respond intelligently to the current requirements of our clients and  the market..
We always put our IT  solutions , in context to make our client's business processes and  strategic decisions as efficient as possible.



We use technological innovations and methodologies on our projects in order to bring the best solutions to our clients.



We approach our work responsibly because we want to be qualified partners in the tech business.



Our work ethics, values and  principles are based on the desire to build long-term relationships not only among colleagues but also with s our clients.



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Over 300 of our highly experienced professionals are behind everything we do. Therefore company culture is one of our priorities. We strive to build good interpersonal relationships and create such an environment where we support each other, share our know-how and communicate openly.

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Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001 (CQS)
Certificate ČSN EN ISO 14001 (CQS)
Certificate ČSN ISO/IEC 20000-1 (CQS)
Certificate ČSN OHSAS 18001 (CQS)
Certificate ČSN ISO 10006 (CQS)
Certificate ČSN ISO/IEC 27001 (CQS)
Entrepreneur's certificate for the classification level "CONFIDENTIAL" (National Security Authority)  No. 002191
National Security Authority certificate for the information system of the entrepreneur KOMIX  s.r.o., 3.0, which is intended for processing classified information - classification level "CONFIDENTIAL"


Very few Czech IT companies can boast such a rich history as our company. In 1992, a group of friends used the opportunity of the huge demand for robust database systems and tools for creating information systems and without much capital or business plan, set to work."What are we going to be called?" the young friends wondered. However, as they were working on informix and unix training databases, they thought of linking the names of the systems with the name of the teacher Jan Amos Komensky and KOMIX was born.
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We develope a large-scale information system for Labor Union Health Insurance Company, the third largest health insurance company in  the Czech Republic. We prove that our strength lies in understanding and connecting management and IT  biometric identifiers. We have been working on the development of this system for 15  has remained a Komix client all the way to the present. Our latest venture is the design and  implementation of the use of an authenticated bank identity for CSOB (Czech-Slovak Commercial Bank) clients  to log in to the Labor Union Health Insurance Company  Vitakarta ONLINE portal.
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We supply an information system for the acquisition and data processing for travel documents with  biometric identifiers. We have been working on the development of this system for 15  years. The core of this information system ensures communication between hundreds of issuing places in municipal authorities of the so-called  municipalities with  extended competence  across the country, central registers and  the State Printing Works of Securities, which produces the identification cards. We are continuously implementing additional security identifiers, including biometric ones, so that the issued identity cards  and  passports  comply with  Czech and  European laws.
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We are involved in the development of the Census  application, which for the first time allowed census forms to be filled in electronically on the Internet and  sent online or via data boxes. Komix performed stress testing and  also developed part of the software. Stress texts were run from  the internal network and   from  the Internet. We also tested the performance after deploying the technology for defending against attacks. We checked the stability and  performed a stress test of the servers at  the backup site.
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Our long-term cooperation with Škoda  Auto starts. Whether on easily visible projects such as a tool to easily create dealer and  importer websites across different countries and  markets or the Škoda  Auto Secondary School of Engineering website, or on more complex platforms on the production and  sales background. We have done a complete refactoring of the dealer application through which they order cars from  the referral programme. However our digital solutions can also be found and  when preparing cars for crash tests.
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We take over the development and  support of the entire system of the Military Health Insurance Company. Once again, we prove  our expertise in  detailed knowledge of complex healthcare systems. We have delivered an area-wide three-layered Agenda Information System which we are further developing,  including the development of a document workflow management system. The system enables batch processing some part of the expense and  income circuit, the operation of the interface to the accounting system is automated, the system is connected to the document management system and partly to Data boxes.

The system is connected to the portal of Health Insurance Companies and  communicates with  s other external entities.

The system is connected to the portal of Health Insurance Companies and  communicates with  s other external entities.
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We deliver a complete Data Warehouse and  a new Business Intelligence solution for Porsche Czech Republic company. It allows the management to evaluate both Sales  AfterSales and  improve the overall quality of information. Data evaluation is quite complex due to the range and  variability of information processed, the very high number of different data sources (mostly  csv, MS  Excel) and  output reports.

The actual implementation of the applications then includes data preparation and  data check, creating the ETL  layer, designing and  creating the data model, designing and creating the presentation layer, testing, the pilot run  deployment to the production environment.
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Establishing an IoT competence centre and  entering into a partnership with  the Danish IoT  sensor manufacturer Develco.  řešení včetně návrhu hardware i  firmware. Navrhujeme řešení od velkých projektů, až po drobnosti jako je chytré parkoviště nebo půjčování nářadí s  automatickým sledováním.
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We become a partner of the technology unicorn UiPath. The aim is to introduce robotic process automation  (RPA) to the Czech market faster. We focus on implementing RPA  processes mainly for the banking, insurance and  HR  departments of corporations.
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We implement and  launch the e ‑-Sick Leave project. In a very short period of time, we designed, developed and  integrated a project that placed enormous demands on all systems to work together in a timely and  error-free manner. Komix is behind the backend of the entire project, for which the the Czech Social Security Administration  received acclaim from the Committee on Social Policy of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic.

We also open an office in Switzerland and  implement our first project there. We created a one-stop shop portal for the LMS  system, a global training catalogue of  training courses.
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KOMIX becomes a part of the ARICOMA  ARICOMA GROUP and at the same time there starts work on the important ETIAS system. Over the course of its history, KOMIX has completed diverse projects for nearly two hundred customers. V In the past year, the company welcomed among its customers the following companies: HeidelbergCement  AG, Nestlé, the Military Forests and  Farms CS.
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